Moving Home Electronics: the Secret is in the Packing


Moving locations is not what it used to be. For starters, people do it more frequently these days, and they have more electronic items that require special treatment. At AP Moving Services, we recommend the following guidelines to prevent any damage.

Audio and Video Components

If you don’t have the owner’s manuals, take a photo of the wiring configuration to help you reconnect your components correctly after your move.

Remove all discs from your CD and DVD players before packing to prevent scratches to your discs and damage to the laser in your player.

If your unit comes with a cartridge (stacker) for multi-play, remove it before packing.

The best way to move your components is in the original boxes with the original packing. If you don’t have them, use boxes with enough room for adequate packing material.

Plasma and Flat-Screen Monitors

If you are considering doing your own packing (not recommended for plasma TVs) be sure to let you mover know during the estimate that your shipment will include the TV and that special handling or crating may be required.

Plasma TVs should always be shipped and stored in an upright position. Shipping the units double-boxed and upright strapped to a pallet is recommended.

Personal Computers/Printers/Scanners

Manually back up all your data. Remove any CDs from the disc drive and close all drive doors.

Shut down the computer and the monitor before disconnecting them.

Use the original boxes if you have them. Otherwise, use boxes larger than the equipment and use plenty of packing material, especially on the sides.

Remove ink cartridges from printers and pack them separately. If you are moving a laser printer, remove the laser ink cartridge as the toner may spill and contaminate the laser engine.

Leave it to the relocation experts!

Whether you are looking to move across the state or across the street, you need AP Moving Services to rely on to transport your belongings safely and efficiently. From commercial and residential furniture, to those special items) that need extra care, we’ll go the distance for you. For more information, give us a call today.

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